Water Extraction and Drying
Desiccator in empty room with water damage on walls (3D Rendering)

Water extraction and drying is the process of extracting water from saturated surfaces and materials – like wallboard, flooring, carpeting, ceilings, and structural beams and posts – then fully drying the material to prevent further damage. It’s important to hire a service like ours that will both extract the water and dry the material. We will extract any water that has seeped into the material, otherwise we will miss that water lying deep in your walls and floors, and the saturation could deteriorate the material from the inside out. You don’t want your ceiling to continue to disintegrate or the wooden beams supporting your home to begin to rot after we have completed our service. By the time we are finished with your home, you will be completely water and moisture free.

Water Removal

We will begin the removal and extraction of the water immediately to prevent any further damage from occurring. After we assess the extent of the water saturation, our technicians will use industrial strength pumps and vacuums to remove the water as quickly as possible – our equipment and our urgency reduces the drying time and prevents any mold from growing or any secondary water damage from spreading. Water removal involves finding any hidden water that has seeped into the deeper layers of the material. Rest assured that we will detect this hidden water to ensure that your home is water free by the end of our service.


Drying involves removing all moisture and humidity from the affected space, which includes drying both the material and the air around it. When flooding occurs, moisture and humidity increase like a hot summer day. Our technicians will use specialized industry grade equipment to get the air in the space moving and to dehumidify the air. Throughout the drying process, we will monitor the progress of the drying using moisture sensors to ensure that the materials are dried to completion. This is not a one-and-done job – we will continue our process until the drying is complete and your home is fully restored.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

With water saturation comes increased bacteria and mold. The longer water and moisture have saturated your home, the greater the risk of these bacteria growing and multiplying. Our process for extracting the water and drying the material can also release any bacteria and mold particles living in your walls, ceiling, and floors into the air as we work. As a result, we will need to clean and disinfect both the material supporting your home and the air around it. By the end of our service, not only will you have a dry space again, but it will be safe to breathe and continue living in your home.