Water Damage Repair and Remediation
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Water damage repair and remediation is the process of repairing the damage caused by water incidents from flooding and burst pipes to leaking dishwashers and clogged toilets. Any amount of water that enters the house and stands for a period of time can cause water damage, which decreases the integrity of your house in some way. When water incidents occur, standing water and increased moisture can lead to a number of damages to your home, including rotting wood, rusted steel, and the growth of bacteria and mold. If you have water damage after any water incident, you need water damage repair and remediation to restore your home.

Water Damage

There are three categories of water damage. Category 1 is where the source of the damage is sanitary or portable. Category 2 is where the water is contaminated and potentially dangerous for humans. Category 3 is where the contaminated can be so high as to cause severe toxicity.

Additionally, there are four classes of water damage. Class 1 involves a slow rate of evaporation and affects a small portion of a room. Your possessions and the materials of your house will absorb a minimum amount of moisture. Class 2 involves a fast rate of evaporation and effects an entire room. The water has absorbed into the furniture and carpeting, and it may have reached parts of the walls. Class 3 involves the fastest rate of absorption of all the classes. The water has saturated the entire area. It has absorbed into the walls. Class 3 water damage means the water might have come through the ceiling, saturating everything on its way down. Class 4 involves damage done to certain materials, like hardwood or stone, which require specialty drying processes.


We will provide an assessment to determine the class of the water damage and to evaluate how the structure and material of your home has been affected by the water. We will determine the extent of the damage by using moisture sensors to measure the amount of moisture in the flooring, walls, ceiling, and structural elements of your home. This assessment will help us determine the source and full extent of the damage.

Repairing the Damage

Any standing water will be extracted to begin drying and dehumidifying, and every wet surface and material will be treated. After the water is extracted, we will dry the area, reduce moisture, enable moisture control, and allow for regular and healthy evaporation to be restored to the space. We will remove any odor and air particles that grew as a result of standing water and damp material. We will finally replace any damaged elements that cannot be fully restored such as rotted wood and soaked plaster. By the end of the restoration, the damaged area will be restored to the status quo.