Mold Remediation and Removal
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Mold remediation and removal is the process of removal mold that has developed inside in indoor space and repairing any damage that may have been caused. Mold likes to develop wherever there is enough moisture to help is grow. It grows in porous materials like wood, and it thrives in indoor environments that have faced increased moisture. For example, flooding, leaks, or poor indoor plumbing will increase the overall moisture in an indoor space, which will increase the risk of developing mold. If you have mold, it can be a serious and extensive problem. You might be experiencing unpleasant physical symptoms as a result of the mold in your home, like respiratory problems, skin irritation, or exasperated conditions like pre-existing lung diseases or asthma. With our mold and remediation services, you will have your mold removed and your damage repaired at the highest standards.

Mold Hazards

Mold can impact the health of a home’s residents, but it is classified into three hazard classes. Hazard Class A means that the mold is highly toxic to human health. The mold should be immediately attended to. Hazard Class B means that the mold can cause mild reactions in humans over a long period of time, so it is not immediately hazardous. Hazard Class C means that the mold has no known hazard to the health of humans.


We will determine the extent of the mold problem before working to remove it. Mold can hide behind walls, paneling, and tiles, under carpets, and within the very pipes of your home. Before we remove the mold that we can see, we will complete a thorough inspection of your home to map the areas where the mold is present. If needed, we will collect samples of the air or affected surfaces. Once we have a solid assessment of your mold problem, we will begin applying our remediation services to remove the mold and repair any damage.


Mold likes to grow in moisture, and it grows very quickly. So, the first step to remediation will be removing excess moisture from your home. We will remove the mold and clean the contaminated areas. We will remove the odor that develops as a result of the mold. If needed, we will replace any materials that have been irreparably damaged. At the end of the entire remediation process, your home will be mold free and good as new.

While we have performed our mold remediation and removal services on countless homes, the extent of mold damage can be devastating. If necessary, our licensed professionals have the knowledge and experience necessary to determine whether mold damage can be remediated, or if the extent of the damage is irreparable.