About Our Team
man cleaning mold on ceiling.Ceiling panels damaged  huge hole in roof from rainwater leakage.Water damaged ceiling .

Water Damage Brothers has been servicing the Eugene, OR area with professional water damage repair services for a number of years. Through our commitment to our community, our clients, and their safety, we have developed the most innovative and effective approaches to repairing and remediating water damage, making your homes and business dry and water free. We use the most advanced equipment and tools to help us remove your water and repair your damage in the quickest and most effective way possible. When it comes to water damage, time and efficiency is everything.

If you have slow-developing water damage, or if you have faced a water emergency because of a flood or a burst pipe, we’re able to assist you in repairing the damage. We’ve helped countless clients in the area over the years to restore their homes to the way they were before they faced water damage or mold. Our services range from water damage repair, to mold removal, to sewage cleanup and blackwater removal. We also offer emergency water damage repair in the event of a water emergency, such as a flood. With the city’s most professional technicians in this field who are able to assess your damage, consult you on the best way to proceed, and service your home with the highest standards of quality, we assure you that you will be please with our water damage repair services. Next time you aren’t sure how to handle a situation involving water damage, let us be the ones to bring you house back to life!