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Flooding, leaky pipes, water main breaks, sewage backup – these are just a few common causes of water damage that can occur in the home. Water damage can be a difficult and complex process depending on the extent of the damage. Water damage repair can include a range of techniques, technologies, equipment, and expertise, and there is much more to it than simply replacing some carpet or repainting a stained ceiling.

Water damage repair will involve a number of steps, from assessment, to draining and drying, to restoration of damaged materials, to deodorizing and disinfecting. It really is quite a process that requires special expertise, knowledge, and even licensure. When you face water damage in your building, you want the technicians taking care of the problem to know what needs to be done.

About Us

Water Damage Brothers has been the city’s most reliable and knowledgeable water damage experts for a number of years with a growing customer base and stellar reputation. Our mission is to help you tackle the difficult and complex problem of water damage at whatever stage – whether it’s a simple leaky pipe seeping into your walls or a severe flash flood that leaves your basement swimming. We work to deliver you the best service in whatever water damage situation you are in.


Our Services

We offer our services to those living in the Eugene, OR area, which include water damage repair, mold remediation and removal, water extraction and drying, and sewage cleanup.

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Water Damage Repair and Remediation

Water damage repair and remediation is done in any situation in which water and moisture has damaged some part of your building. We use moisture sensors to determine the source and extent of the damage, assess the situation in its entirety, and work to remove the water, restore the material, and replace any material that is too damaged to be restored.

Mold in the corner of the white ceiling and yellow wall with white heat pipe.
Mold Remediation and Removal

Mold can develop in cases on water damage or moisture present in the home. Mold likes to grow in moist places, and it can hide behind the walls, under the floors, under tiles, and even within the pipes. With our mold removal service, we will assess the extent of the mold problem and find all traces of mold hiding throughout your house. We will remove the mold and dry the air and the material to prevent further mold growth. Mold is smelly and can cause problems to your health, so we will also deodorize and decontaminate your home upon removal.

“I chose Water Damage Brothers because I read some great reviews about their services online. I had some water damage in my house from some persistent leaking pipes, and I never knew what to do about them. When I called Water Damage Brothers, they quickly got to work on assessing my damage and offering a restoration plan. I’m really happy with the work they’ve done!” – Pat T.

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​Flood Damage Cleanup and Repair

Flood damage is related to water damage repair. We will use the same techniques we use in any water damage situation, but we will have the added task of removing large quantities of standing water. Standing water can quickly cause irreparable damage to your home, so our flood damage cleanup and repair service is essential.

Elimination of water damage with fan and dryer
Water Extraction and Drying

Water extraction and drying is the process of extracting completely foreign water and drying the affected materials. Water can soak into not only your flooring, carpet, walls, and furniture, but it can also seep into the structural elements of your house. Hidden water in these elements is highly dangerous as it can lead to rusted metal and rotted wood, which can compromise the integrity of your home. With our service, we will completely extract the water, dry the materials, and dehumidify the air to prevent further moisture from gathering.

“I woke up one morning to find that my water heater had burst overnight. There was a big pool of water in my basement and I just didn’t know what to do. My neighbor told me to call Water Damage Brothers, who were able to get there immediately. I was really impressed by how quickly they extracted the water and removed the damaged carpet. I would recommend this company especially if you have an emergency!” – Frank E.

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Emergency Water Damage and Cleanup

Water damage can occur slowly over time due to leaky pipes or bad plumbing, but emergency water damage occurs when a water crisis like a flood happens. This is sudden, shocking, and can be devastating. With our emergency water damage repair and cleanup service, you can have your damage taken care of as quickly as possible. It’s important to handle this type of situation in a timely matter to prevent damage from quickly spreading.

Water Damage Brothers - Sewage Cleanup & Brownwater Removal 1
Sewage Cleanup and Water Removal

When an incident occurs like a flash flood or a sewage backup, you could end up with sewage and blackwater in your home. This is the most dangerous type of water damage because of the presence of human waste bacteria that could be extremely hazardous to human health. Our sewage cleanup service with ensure that your home can be sewage and bacteria free in no time. Our licensed technicians know exactly how to handle this situation with the proper equipment.

“Water Damage Brothers was the first company I called when I found mold in my basement. I hired them before when I had flooding in my basement, and they did such a great job that I knew I had to call them with my mold problem. They were able to uncover much more mold than I first thought, which makes me realize that I should have called them sooner!” - Chris M.

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If you are interested in learning more about our water damage services, we welcome you to contact us on the service number listed on our website. Give us a call! Through this number, you will be able to speak to a customer service representative about scheduling an appointment for one of our water damage repair services. You may also call this number to voice any questions or concern you might have about one of our services. We will offer a quote regarding our service depending on your specific situation, or we might make a site visit to determine the extent of the damage in order to offer a quote. You will also find on this website a contact form to submit if you do not wish to contact us by way of telephone. We look forward to hearing from you in anticipation of providing you with one of our excellent water damage repair services.